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Additional equipment

Boundary boards, protective mattresses for sports hall walls, podium for winners

The variety of activities in sports halls, gyms, fitness and dance halls makes it worth taking care of increasing the safety of their use. PESMENPOL offers custom-made protective mattresses, which are an element of additional protection during sports activities - easy to install and maintain. Installed mattress covers, protecting the wall surfaces and structural columns of the sports hall, minimize the risk of injury during exercise, games and other physical activities by absorbing contact with these elements. To increase the functionality of a sports hall, it is worth ensuring the possibility of quickly reorganizing its space with the use of removable boundary boards (made of polyethylene or transparent solid polycarbonate), thanks to which you can quickly arrange a closed playing field. When equipping a sports facility, one cannot forget about the podium for winners with different step heights - PESMENPOL produces them in the following versions: one-piece, foldable and a team podium.

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