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Sports equipment, VIP shelters for substitute players, steel-structured tribunes, spectator seats and protective nets for the Municipal Stadium in Skierniewice, Poland

Name of the facility: Municipal Stadium of the "Unia Skierniewice" Sports Club
Address: 8A Pomologiczna Street, Skierniewice, Poland
Date of realization: October 2023
Type of contract: Delivery and installation of sports equipment, shelters with solid polycarbonate covering, equipped with VIP LIGHT upholstered seats (for substitute players: 18-seater, for referees: 2-seater with a table and for stretcher bearers: 4-seater), 8-row tribunes with steel structure for a total number of 1,504 seats (a special raised tribune, with an additional platform at the front; a visitors' tribune with an additional stair module at the back of the tribune and raised railings), seats for concrete bleachers, mounted on a steel structure shell seats with a backrest with a double wall, 32 cm high - 1,418 pcs., double-layer chairs, fully upholstered, with a foldable seat - 105 pcs.) and protective nets (2 sets, 52 m long and 6 m high) at the Municipal Stadium in Skierniewice, Poland