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Equipment for locker room, storage accessories

Benches and hangers for sports cloakrooms, trolleys, lockers and storage racks

Produced by PESMENPOL warehouse accessories for transport and proper storage affect the service life of sports equipment. Spacious metal cabinets, racks and stationary or mobile stands, as well as various types of ball trolleys make it possible to organize and place sports accessories. Transporting sports equipment is easy and trouble-free thanks to specially designed trolleys. Mattress trolleys: with a platform (one-piece or folding) or for transporting vertically positioned mattresses, a volleyball post trolley, trolleys for transporting and storing goals, as well as wall-mounted storage holders for posts and a net hanger are the most popular elements of storage equipment. In addition to a well-organized storage room, also changing rooms for exercisers or players are necessary for the proper functioning of the sports facility. PESMENPOL's catalogue of sports cloakroom equipment includes various models of hangers and handy benches for use in the locker room or corridors. Made to measure, one-sided or two-sided bench-hangers are a practical combination of benches with a backrest and an additional shoe shelf with a hanger structure with double hooks for clothes, providing convenience and space saving. The offer of changing room equipment for players is complemented “cloakroom boxes” with an open metal structure, equipped with a wooden bench, hangers and key-locked lockers, providing users with comfort in an individual space separated by side walls.

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