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Auditorium tribunes

Folding tribunes for multi-purpose, entertainment and lecture halls

PESMENPOL offers a wide range of auditorium tribunes, which, due to their versatile use and universal aesthetics, are the perfect furnishings for various performance spaces. The company's offer includes retractable bleachers (manually or electrically driven - designed individually for a given facility), equipped with upholstered seats folded by gravity or with springs. Telescopic tribunes with upholstered chairs with folding backrests are also available among the products in this category. The offer is complemented by a multipurpose auditorium platform - also telescopically foldable - with LED lighting. All products included in the offer are made of the highest quality materials, which allows for comfortable and safe use. Attention to detail during the production and assembly process guarantees the highest standard of use and aesthetics. Every product on offer is made in accordance with the applicable standards.

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