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Protective nets

Protective nets and structures for fixing nets in halls and sports fields

Well planned and properly installed protective nets are a great way to improve the game and increase the safety of use of any type of sports facility: sports halls, school gyms, outdoor pitches and courts. Protective nets used in the form of ball-catchers installed on a posts (outside) or as a loosely hanging ball-catchers (in the hall) stop the ball or other sports equipment within the designated area of the pitch, increasing safety and ensuring the smoothness of the game. Nets are also used to protect selected areas of the sports hall (windows, walls or ceiling) from damage, and – by separating the audience from the playing fields - to protect spectators without limiting their view of the game field. Indoor safety nets can also be installed on a lifting or sliding structure, and in combination with a fabric or PVC material, create a dividing curtain, separating the hall space into smaller zones. PESMENPOL guarantees an individual approach and proven solutions in the selection of custom-made nets (polyethylene or polypropylene, available in various weave thicknesses and eye sizes), as well as appropriate elements or structures to install them inside the hall (mounting brackets and accessories) or outside (sets of posts with struts and mounting sleeves, ropes and net fastening accessories). The catalogue also includes wicket and double-leaf gate for outdoor ball-catcher sets. The offer of solutions securing the field of play with the use of nets for outdoor sports fields produced by PESMENPOL is complemented by the Easy Arena system, which combines protective polyethylene boards with a barrier netting made of a protective net on steel posts, mounted in the foundation footings.

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