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Dividing curtains

Dividing curtains lifted vertically and horizontally shifted, made of fabric or PVC

The use of curtains, dividing the sports hall into smaller sectors, is an excellent solution to increase the functionality of the facility. The hall zones separated by a dividing curtain can be used parallel to various activities. The dividing curtain set consists of a load-bearing structure to which the following arrangement is installed: system of vertical lifting of the curtain material with an electric drive (through a system of wire ropes, guided through a system of plastic rollers, or by means of belts wound on the drums arranged on a guide) or horizontal sliding of the curtain, mounted on rollers moving in a special rail (operated manually or with the use of an electric motor), and of the material of a single-layer curtain or a double-layer sound-absorbing curtain. PESMENPOL designs custom-made curtains. For each of the selected variants, an individual project is prepared, taking into account the existing conditions and dimensions of the hall. The catalog of offered solutions is wide - both in terms of the available material (fabrics: non-transparent, semi-transparent or their combination with mesh, or PVC material with mesh or PVC-mesh with a fine eyelet), as well as the curtain fixing structures and control system (wired or wireless). The hall can be divided into two or more sectors, using several sets of curtains with selected fixing and sliding or lifting systems. PESMENPOL ensures the highest quality of the materials used and careful workmanship.

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