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For precise cutting of anti-slip plywood and other wood-based materials used as used as components of the manufactured assortment (i.e. tribune front panels or platforms, etc.), we use equipment from our own machine park. Thanks to cutting to size, we obtain the desired shape of elements tailored to the needs of the project, minimizing the waste generated, and banding the edges of the carpentry material allows us to obtain the required level of finishing.


An universal and economical Panhans Ecopan panel saw guarantees excellent processing quality thanks to a precise guide saw aggregate. Moreover, this appliance enables to more ecological way of work – ECO mode ensures energy saving through intelligent and individually adjustable standby mode. Inspection window into the pressure beam cover allows to have the process of work under control. It is also equipped with a cutting length and cutting width sensor, lateral pressure device and automatic saw aggregate cleaning system.

Technical data:
Sawing length (mm) – 3200, 4200
Sawing width (mm) – 3200, 4200
Cutting height max. (mm) – 72
Adjustment of cutting height – 3 stepped
Emerge of blade (mm) – 82

Main saw blade Φ (mm) – 300
Scoring saw blade Φ (mm) – 180
Speed saw carriage forward / return (m/min.) – 0 - 100


HOLZ-HER Auriga 1307 edgebander it is a high-performance appliance, which allows to efficient and functional way of work. This machine includes pre-milling and corner rounding unit for complete processing. Moreover, system is equipped with precise temperature control for glue application over two heating circuits and high quality pneumatic 3-roller pressure unit for pressing edging cleanly and forcefully. Ultra-thin glue joints also offers unrivaled flexibility and high strength for extremely long service life.

Technical data:
Minimum workpiece length (mm) – 160
Workpiece thickness (mm) – 8 - 45
Edge thickness (mm) – 0,4 - 3
Feed speed (m/min.) – 10

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