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That's how it's done

The PESMENPOL company, established over thirty years ago, has been operating based on the DESIGN - PRODUCTION - ASSEMBLY scheme since the very beginning of its existence. The consistently implemented concept of complexity of operation - from design development through production to the assembly of manufactured devices - guarantees the company complete independence and flexibility in approaching non-standard projects. Thanks to this, PESMENPOL not only systematically expands the range of products offered, but is also able to successfully implement customized projects.


Wide production capabilities

The wide production capabilities, preceded by studies carried out by our own design team, and at the implementation stage supported by the use of state-of-the-art technologies (laser cutting, CNC machining, automation, etc.), are evidenced by the multitude of completed large-scale projects in the field of infrastructure (e.g. technical platform of the closure tower at the dam in Niedzica, Poland) and steel structures (among others: steel structure of the stands with platform gratings, railings and stairs at the Municipal Stadium - Speedway and Football - in Rzeszów, Poland). The steel building structures of all facilities belonging to PESMENPOL also come from our own production, including the construction of the Company's new headquarters and a complex of production halls for the Logistics and Warehouse Center built and put into operation in 2021 (located at Drogowcow Str. No. 12 in Myslenice).

prod_2.jpgExperienced staff is the key to success

Of course, each stage of the project is based not only on the use of modern technology and, but above all on the commitment of employees, who skillfully and precisely perform the tasks entrusted. At Production Facility No. 1 in Trzemeśnia - the company's “birthplace”, first facility, that initially housed all departments of the production process - currently a team of experienced and highly qualified employees of the production department operates under the supervision of the Production Supervisor, with the active support of the Production Manager.
With the development of the company and the expansion of the machine park, the available usable areas expanded to include further complexes located in Myslenice. As a result - at 81D Slowackiego Str. - Production Plant No. 2 was established, which houses a CNC machining center, a steel sheet heat-welding plant, aluminum processing equipment and a carpentry workshop. The Logistics and Warehouse Center and the pre-assembly plant are located in the halls adjacent to the headquarters at 12 Drogowcow Street. The newest building, commissioned in 2024, houses a modern technological line including shaping processes, abrasive blasting, chemical preparation of component surfaces and an automatic process of applying and hardening powder paint coatings. Each of the units, which are staffed by teams of people with the necessary knowledge, qualifications and practical skills, is supervised by experts in their field of CNC Machining, Powder Painting Shop and Pre-assembly Shop managers.

prod_2.jpgInstallation of equipment on sports facilities throughout Poland and abroad is effectively carried out by teams of qualified fitters under the supervision of experienced Installation Managers. Due to their competences, the teams are able to carry out any project efficiently and effectively.

Quality and development

Control over the implementation of the integrated quality management system in the design, production and installation of sports equipment is carried out by the Management Board Proxy for Quality, with many years of experience in the field of quality control. In addition, the entire process is supervised by the President of the Board, Eng. Edward Niepsuj, using his over 50 years of experience in the industrial sector.
Thanks to a team of experienced, committed and responsible employees, PESMENPOL successfully implements the policy based on quality and development.