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Football goals, shelters for players, equipment for sports fields and stadiums

A football goal is the basic and necessary equipment of every sports facility. Full-size 7.32x2.44 m and youth goals 5x2 m produced by PESMENPOL - highly rated for their excellent quality and reliability - are present in countless football facilities: sports fields and stadiums, as well as in sports halls. In addition to goals installed in sleeves, the football assortment also includes portable models (with various options for mounting to the ground) and mobile models (equipped with wheels for easy transport). The catalog could not be complete without goals dedicated to the youngest players. Portable Mini football goals, available in various sizes, are popular and frequently used for football training and backyard games. You can play football even on the beach - fans of this discipline will also find a goal and beach football equipment in the company's offer. The range of equipment for football fields and stadiums is enriched by numerous accessories: from nets for goals and flags, through folding stadium tunnels, to shelters for substitutes, providing comfortable seats for players, while protecting them from wind or rain. Regardless of the selected variant and equipment options, each PESMENPOL shelter for players (standard or VIP) is characterized by a stable structure, solid cover and comfortable seating places.

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