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Stadium exit tunnel for players, seats on a steel structure for a prefabricated grandstand and 4-row stationary tribune with steel structure, equipped with plastic seats, for the Municipal Stadium in Biala Podlaska, Poland

Name of the facility: Municipal Stadium in Biala Podlaska
Address: Biala Podlaska, Poland
Date of realization: July 2022
Type of contract: Delivery and installation of: stadium tunnel with anodized aluminum structure, 600 g/m2 PVC segment covering (1 segment per span), internal width S=350 cm, internal height H1=210 cm, blockades (scissor mechanism) located in end spans, polyamide-plastic rollers facilitating sliding; seats (1124 pcs.) for prefabricated stands - plastic with double-wall backrest 32 cm high, fixed on a galvanized steel structure to the rieser and to the floor, and a stationary TSD-200 tribune 4-row with a steel structure (for 92 seats), with plastic seats with backrests 32 cm high, VEMA-type lattice platforms, steel sheet metal risers, railings at the back and sides powder coated in RAL 2004, adjustable feet, steel structure fully hot-dip galvanized, for the reconstructed Municipal Stadium in Biala Podlaska, Poland