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Sports tribunes, grandstands

Retractable bleachers, stationary sports tribunes, spectator seats and benches

PESMENPOL's production offer includes a wide selection of tribunes with a durable steel structure. Retractable tribunes save space in sports halls, while stationary tribunes are perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Each category of tribunes includes a number of variants of arrangement, finishing and equipment. This is possible thanks to individual design. Telescopically folding tribunes - retracted manually or with an electric motor - are popular due to their attractive design, ease of use and small size when folded. The design of the outdoor roofed tribune was created with the viewers' maximum comfort in mind. In turn, the three-row modular mobile tribunes equipped with sets of wheels are highly rated for their ease of transport. Movable benches for spectators and players equipped with any type of chairs are a great solution for sports facilities, as well as for corridors, changing rooms and waiting rooms. The company's offer also includes steel structures for mounting seats in prefabricated auditoriums. Each of the proposed solutions is characterized by careful workmanship of high-class components that guarantee long product life, and attention to the safety and comfort of spectators, in accordance with applicable standards. The same applies to the finishing elements of the tribunes (anti-slip platforms, railings, intermediate steps, etc.) and seats, available in many versions: from polypropylene (with or without a backrest) or benches, through two-piece folding (including gravity tilting seats to ensure a wide passage in rows) to upholstered chairs.

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