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Sports seats for tribunes and auditoriums, armchairs for player benches

PESMENPOL offers a wide range of comfortable high-quality sports seats for installation in tribunes and audiences. The catalog includes one-piece (shell) plastic seats with different backrest heights and folding chairs (with a gravity tilting seat or with a folding backrest). The seating range is complemented by upholstered seats, selected for multifunctional halls and sports and leisure facilities, auditorium seats made of beech plywood (also available with an option with an upholstery pads on the seat and backrest) and upholstered armchairs, perfect for shelters for substitute players or stadium VIP areas. Structures fixing the seat (to the riser or to the step) are made of the highest quality steel components with appropriate anti-corrosion protection. The seats can also be mounted on free-standing structures and used as portable benches in sports and leisure facilities, as well as in corridors and waiting rooms.

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