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Backboards, rings, mounting structures and accessories for basketball

PESMENPOL offers comprehensive systems of sports equipment for playing basketball both in sports halls and on outdoor basketball courts. The offer of professional basketball products includes: basketball backboards (made of: tempered glass, acrylic glass, laminated with epoxy resin, and also steel lattice designed for recreational games), basketball rings (stationary or tilting - with various net fixing schemes) with an installation plate, basketball nets, supporting structures (attached to the structure of the facility - wall-mounted or suspended, and portable units for indoor use, as well as post-mounted structures with various options for fixing to the ground - for outdoor use, including installation accessories), and also pads protecting system components. The components included in the offer allow for any configuration of the elements within the system, depending on the parameters of the sports facility, the level of games or the customer's needs. Each of the selected solutions can be supplemented with a backboard height adjustment mechanism that allows to change from the senior level (3.05 m) to the junior level (2.60 m - mini-basketball). All solutions ensure comfort and safety of the game, and the elements are made of the highest quality materials, with due care for proper protection against corrosion, which guarantees their long service life.

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