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Electrically operated suspended and vertically lifted basketball structures and "PVC fabric + PVC net 1 x 1 mm" vertically lifted combined dividing curtain for the sports hall in Wielsbeke, Belgium

Name of the facility: Sporthal Hernieuwenburg
Address: Hernieuwenstraat 14, 8710 Wielsbeke, Belgium
Date of realization: July 2022
Type of contract: Delivery and installation of: electrically powered suspended basketball structures installed at heights of up to 9 m (folding forward for the main court, folding backward for the transverse court), electrically operated vertically lifted basketball structures installed between columns on beams (projection 200 - 400 cm), equipped with electric height-adjustment mechanism for the backboard, and a combined "PVC fabric + PVC net 1 x 1 mm" dividing curtain (single-layer PVC fabric with a weight of 650g/m2 up to a height of 2.65 m, above - the PVC net with a mesh of 1 x 1 mm), vertically lifted with electric drive, in the Sporthal Hernieuwenburg sports hall, Wielsbeke, Belgium