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Floor-mounted and wall-mounted handball goals and accessories

Due to the energy and dynamics of the game, the handball court requires the highest quality equipment. Handball goals with a standard size of 3x2 m, produced by PESMENPOL, are able to cope with the intensity of this spectacular team game. Handball assortment offer includes aluminum or steel goals with different depths of solid or folding bows, and a frame screwed together, connected at the corners or fully welded. The goals for use in sports halls are available in various mounting options: to the floor (installed in sleeves or on mounting plates) or to the wall (installed on fixed wall brackets or folded sideways against the wall, as well as raised to the wall with an electric drive). Due to the perfect anti-corrosion protection, the goals can also be successfully used outdoors. The range of available solutions is complemented by beach handball goals and accessories: from goal nets to trolleys facilitating the transport and storage of goals. Each piece of equipment necessary to arrange the handball court is prepared with due care and in compliance with the applicable standards.

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