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As a socially responsible company, PESMENPOL ensures that its activities and implemented technologies are environmentally friendly. Environmental policy is an important element of the company's strategy, which is why we have taken a number of actions aimed at protecting the environment, ensuring that the processes applied generate less pollution, use resources in a more rational manner, ensure recycling of products and neutralization of the waste generated.

We promote circular design, respecting the available raw material so that waste is reduced and what remains is used wisely. The materials used to make our products are easy to segregate and recyclable. After their service life, products can be maintained and repaired, to gain new functionality.

Out of concern for the environment, we have joined the program of ecological responsibility of enterprises "Nature Friendly Company" and we proudly present the certificate of participation in the program.

The implementation of a modern solution for the use of renewable sources, which is the use of clean, emission-free solar energy in the production of sports equipment, is another pro-ecological initiative of our company, actively involved in the environmental improvement program.

The first successfully implemented investment in this area was a 50 kW photovoltaic power plant, supplying Production Facility No. 1 in Trzemesnia. Subsequently, an installation of the same capacity was launched at the Production Plant No. 2, located in Myslenice at 81D Slowackiego Street. The implemented systems that obtain energy from the sun allow to ensure energy independence with a significant reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. This contributes not only to improving the quality of the air we breathe, but also - by relieving the conventional transmission network - to reducing waste, pollution and environmental degradation.

The photovoltaic installation has also become an important element of an innovative investment project, developed to improve production processes, for the implementation of which the Company received co-financing from European Funds. The solutions included in the project are in line with the Company's environmental policy. The filters used and the recirculation of air inside the rooms reduce dust emissions to a minimum. Recovered technological heat allows for a significant reduction in the consumption of natural gas, and thus - to lower emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The use of a sewage neutralization system reduces the emission of liquid pollutants. The water demi circulation installation enables the water to be reused in a closed circuit, which significantly reduces its consumption. As a result of the project, the consumption of raw materials will also be reduced. In addition, the possibility of regenerating the products will contribute to a large extent to the saving of the raw material. After the products' service life ends, valuable raw materials can be recovered through recycling. Partial supply of production line equipment with renewable energy reduces the consumption of energy from conventional sources. This is why we intend to continue to invest in the development of emission-free energy sources.

Every initiative is important - even small steps that seem insignificant have positive effects over time. Electricity is the main medium consumed by the company, which is why we joined the “ECO Business” program, which guarantees the purchase of energy from ecological sources.

Fully aware that today's actions in the field of nature protection are an investment for the future, we choose solutions that can contribute to changes for the better. In line with the principles of sustainability, we act responsibly, taking into account the needs of present and future generations when deciding on our activities.