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Telescopic tribunes of 6-, 9- and 11-rows for 1360 seats, with plastic seats with backrests in all rows, folding electrically, equipped with a special mechanism for chronological sliding of rows, and spectator benches for 61 seats with seats folded by gravity on a steel structure, for the Sports Hall OSiR Bemowo, Warsaw, Poland

Name of the facility: Sports Hall of the Sports and Recreation Center of the City of Warsaw in the Bemowo district
Address: Warsaw, Poland
Date of realization: November 2022
Type of contract: Technical design with agreements, production and installation of 8 telescopic tribunes with steel structure TTW-350 - including two mobile tribunes - with plastic seats with ~25 cm backrest in all rows (two 9-row modules with length L = 9.95 m each, number of seats on each module: 174; two 6-row mobile modules: L = 3.75 m, number of seats: 33 and L = 5.55 m, number of seats: 57; four 11-row modules: L = 6.5 m, number of seats 124, L = 14.5 m, number of seats: 294, L = 17.2 m, number of seats: 358 + 2 seats on the balcony for cameramen with entrances from the level of the adjacent tribunes, and L = 7.35 m, number of seats: 146. Total number of seats on telescopic tribunes: 1360). Tribunes equipped with a drive system controlled by a wired control cassette, and railings without the need to disassemble to retract the tribunes. A special mechanism of chronological sliding of rows makes it possible to unfold out any number of rows according to the needs (reduced audience). Intermediate steps (permanently fixed to the platforms), first steps (hinged folding) and indented steps in the walkways of the tribunes. All steps and platforms in in passageways finished with protective aluminum angle stair treads with a non-slip rubber insert. Side blinds, made of PVC panels with keder tape, inserted into dedicated aluminum profiles located under each platform on the side of the tribunes, mask the sides of the tribunes in visible places and protect against unauthorized entry. Spectator benches, equipped with Omega double-layer, gravity-folded seats, mounted to the ground on a steel structure, providing 61 additional seating places. Total number of seats provided: 1991 (including fixed grandstand). Implementation completed for the Sports Hall of the Sports and Recreation Center of the City of Warsaw in the Bemowo district at 40 Obroncow Tobruku Street (OSiR Bemowo).