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Metal lockers

Racks and lockers for store rooms, metal lockers for cloakrooms, ball trolleys

PESMENPOL produces many types of durable and functional powder coated metal lockers for a wide range of use. Capacious steel storage lockers make it easy to organize and store sports equipment and accessories. In addition to storage racks with shelves on a metal frame, handy trolleys and ball racks with adjustable shelf widths, steel storage lockers are a convenient and effective backroom equipment for school gymnasiums and any sports facility. For a cloakroom or changing room, it is worth choosing a metal locker with a different division, width and number of compartments: for clothes (classic or with L-shaped doors) or a safe locker – to store clothes or handy items. Metal lockers set on a structure with a bench is an excellent option, ensuring space-saving and comfort of use. Each variant of the locker is characterized by a solid structure and quality workmanship.

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