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Volleyball - posts, wall rails, stands and accessories

In the offer of professional sports equipment for team games produced by PESMENPOL, every volleyball fan will find a wide selection of equipment and accessories necessary to play in a sports hall and on outdoor sports fields. Of course, equipment dedicated to beach volleyball is also available. The selection of the right equipment is facilitated by its complementarity within the systems. For each type of posts or mobile volleyball stands (professional, tournament, recreational or beach volleyball - made of aluminum or steel - equipped with various types of net tension mechanisms), it is easy to choose fastening elements with installation accessories, and protective pads. For sports halls of small dimensions, you can choose wall-mounted rails instead of posts fixed in the floor, and for the duplication of training fields - a double-sided central post. The offer also includes volleyball accessories: from referee stands (standard or foldable), nets and small equipment, to equipment for transport and storage (trolleys, hangers). All devices included in the offer are made of the highest quality materials, with care for the aesthetics and safety of use.

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