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Company PESMENPOL is operating on the Polish market since 1992.

PESMENPOL's production started with the production of heating and ventilation equipment components, based on a co-operation agreement with an Austrian customer. The Austrian company has exclusive patent rights for its construction solutions.Mastering and implementation of mass production of this type of equipment was a challenge for the company, due to innovative solutions not used in Poland yet. However, the PESMENPOL crew was able to meet the high demands of the production process.

In 1993, production of cleaning equipment, such as cleaning kits and trolleys and trash containers, began. Using the latest technology and high standards, a wide assortment of such products has been designed and implemented. It is worth emphasizing, that PESMENPOL was then the only manufacturer of this type of equipment in our country.

To meet the market demand, in 1994 the company began the production of professional sports equipment. From the beginning they were characterized by high utility values.

In 2000, the construction of a new production hall, along with offices and social facilities for staff began. The hall was put into use in 2001.

In 2002, a modern powder coating shop was built and equipped.

In 2002, a comprehensive product certification was conducted. All devices and their manufacturing process has been tested for safety and compliance with the relevant standards. Based on the research results, the Institute of Sport in Warsaw issued certificates of compliance with EN standards. These certificates are constantly updated.

The growing demand for sports equipment produced by PESMENPOL and the related increase in employment caused that in 2005 the production area turned out to be insufficient.

The impossibility of further expansion of the facility in Trzemeśnia prompted the decision to buy industrial facilities in Myślenice - first at 75A Słowackiego Str., then, in 2008, at 81C Słowackiego Str. These were the necessary capital expenditures, which allowed to improve production and technological processes by launching devices for laser cutting and CNC machining, and also modern powder coating shop.

The increase of the production area allowed for raising employment to 90 people in 2010 in order to realize the accepted orders and contracts for sports equipment. At that time, PESMENPOL became the leader in the production of sports equipment and devices in Poland.

At that time, as part of governmental program, supply of mini basketball backboards for Students' Sports Clubs were carried out, implemented with the Polish Basketball Association, as well as handball goals, implemented with the Handball Association in Poland.

To improve the order fulfillment process, in 2015, a new facility, built at 81D Słowackiego Str. in Myślenice, was designated for the Logistics and Warehouse Center.

Having own design facilities and own production plant is a unique feature that has distinguished PESMENPOL company since its establishment. Raw material processing and production taking place in our own plants allow us to control the entire process. A natural step in the company's modernization process was the expansion and enrichment of the machine park with modern components and control systems. This allows not only the systematic expansion of the product offer, but also the execution of orders while maintaining the highest standards. Due to the implementation of the integrated quality management policy, in 2018 PESMENPOL received ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 Certificates in the scope of design, production and assembly of sports equipment.

Both the systematic growth of staff, the expansion of the machinery and the enrichment of the product catalog made it necessary to further expand the available usable areas. Therefore, in 2021, in Myślenice, at 12 Drogowców Str., on a plot owned by the company, the construction of a new headquarters and a complex of halls was completed, where the Logistics and Warehouse Center was finally located. This allowed for the integration of warehouse and order management to increase efficiency in the flow of goods. The release and rearrangement of the usable space of the buildings located at 81D Słowackiego Str. allowed for the development of the CNC machining center, the creation of a carpentry workshop and the location of a steel sheet heat-welding plant and aluminum processing equipment, creating Production Plant No. 2.

Many years of experience in the industry and the development of individual solutions allow us to personalize the design process and deliver products tailored to the needs and requirements of customers. An individual approach is possible thanks to the combination of designers' competences with high-quality raw materials and professional processing, supported by technological innovation.

As a result of our own innovation and implementation work, an original project was created, the implementation of which was supported by the Smart Growth Operational Program, financed by European Funds. The complete automated process line serves the coating process for steel and aluminium components, including component shaping, abrasive blasting, surface preparation (a.o. degreasing and chemical preparation), as well as the fully automatic coating application and curing process. The new technological line required to run the developed process was housed in a new production and storage hall, built for this purpose in 2023 next to the company's headquarters.

After more than 30 years of active market presence, PESMENPOL has grown from a small company into one of the most recognisable and important Polish brands, providing sports facilities with professional equipment for many disciplines. Currently, in four plants with a total area of over 8,000 m², company employs over 120 people.

As a result of its efforts, over the years PESMENPOL has received numerous awards and accolades, both for its commitment to the development of sports infrastructure and for its products exhibited at sports equipment fairs. The company's credibility, potential and dynamics of development were also repeatedly appreciated.