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Gymnastics - bars, ladders, ropes, benches, mattresses and other devices

The variety of gymnastic exercises is perfectly matched by the diversity of gymnastic equipment and accessories for sports halls and gymnasiums offered by PESMENPOL. In the catalog of the recommended gymnastic equipment, portable devices (i.e. vaulting boxes, horses and bucks, springboards or gymnastic benches) are accompanied by systems requiring assembly. Gymnastic bars are installed in the sleeves which ensure easy dismantling. Wall-mounted mirrors and gymnastic wall bars are accompanied by a number of devices installed on special structures, i.e. vertical gymnastic bars on a U-shaped structure, fixed or folding wall brackets for attaching gymnastic rings, and brackets for attaching ropes and rope ladders for climbing. These devices can also be suspended on a special rail mounted under the ceiling of the sports hall, and effortlessly slide to the side against the wall after exercise. Gymnastic mattresses of varying thickness and hardness provide support for exercisers. The transport of mattresses is facilitated by different versions of transport trolleys that can carry mattresses placed horizontally on a fixed or folding platform, as well as vertically.

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