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Metal is our main production raw material. Thanks to the wide range of equipment included in the machine park, steel or aluminum profiles and sheets are precisely shaped and joined, taking the form of components from which PESMENPOL products are made. Equipping the machines with individualized tooling allows to achieve the desired effect (i.e. obtaining different bending radii in many planes). The use of modern metalworking equipment not only speeds up individual processes while maintaining the required quality, but also allows for the reduction and management of the resulting waste, in accordance with the adopted principles of sustainable development.


The TruLaser 3030 FIBER laser cutter proves its great flexibility and efficiency: it enables economical cutting, in particular of structural steel of various thicknesses. The TruDisk solid-state laser makes it possible to work with non-ferrous metals and provides additional performance in sheet metal processing. Downtimes are reduced by features such as automatic nozzle changers.

Economical processing of structural steel of all thicknesses.
High flexibility due to the ability to process pipes and non-ferrous metals.
Efficiency in thin metal sheets processing.
Minimal downtime due to the nozzle changer option and one head strategy.
Maximum energy saving.

Technical data:
Working area: Axis X - 3000 mm, Axis Y - 1500 mm, Axis Z - 115 mm
Maximum material thickness using the TruDisk 4001:
Structural steel - 20 mm, Stainless steel - 20 mm, Aluminum - 20 mm, Copper - 8 mm, Brass - 8 mm


Our Company owns the highest quality laser cutter of extraordinary flexibility. According to the machine's manufacturer the MAZAK SUPER TURBO X CHAMPION sets new era in laser design. The machine allows for continuous cutting of materials of various kind with different thickness without the need to change lenses or nozzles. Preparatory and finishing times as well as setting times get much shorter due to the most modern Mazatrol Preview control. Takumi rigid frame guarantees absolute stiffness. Fixed length of laser beam allows for optimal cutting on a work surface with the dimensions of 2500 mm x 1250 mm. The STX uses great power of CO2 condensed laser beam as a cutting tool. Such a technological solution allows to achieve high precision.


Precise metal sheets cutting with guillotine shears SMD LGS-10x3050.

Technical data:
Maximum cutting thickness - 10 mm
Maximum cutting length - 3050 mm


Press brakes Amada Type HFE-M2.

Technical data:
Pressure - 1000 kN
Length of bending - 3000 mm

Excenter press ZMM-TOS EPC-400.

Technical data:
Pressure - 40 ton
Dimensions of the table - 440 / 630 mm


Efficient, accurate and reliable CNC turning and milling center Mazak Quick Turn Smart 200M U1000.

Technical data:
Maximum turning diameter - 360 mm
Maximum diameter mechining of a bar - 65 mm
Maximum turning length - 1052 mm
Magazine-feeder of a short bar BARLOAD BA65


In addition, we have other high-class equipment of recognized brands, improving other metalworking processes, i.e.: TIG and MIG/MAG welding (Bester, Kemmpi), heat-welding (Tecna), band and circular saw cutting (Bianco, Imet), locksmith work, etc.

PESMENPOL Spółka z o.o.
Technology Center - Production Facility No. 2
81D Slowackiego Str., PL 32-400 Myslenice, Poland

"Project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the Małopolska Regional Operational Program 2007-2013"


Multi-axis automatic tube and profile bending machine PROVAR 6-65 U-D by MACRI. Numerically controlled, fully automatic with brushless motors. 6 axis control, clockwise bending. 4 levels of operation with variable radius in automatic mode, advancement on high-quality and precise linear guides.

Bending head made of steel with relay on heavy-duty gears.
Software with workpiece visualization during the programming process.
Software equipped with a 3D anti-collision system and automatic detail correction.
Quick-change tooling system based on fixed distances integral to each tool.

Technical data:
Number of axes: 6 (Y, X, Z, B1, B2, A)
Tube movement:
- bending (Y axis)
- advancement (X axis)
- rotation (Z axis)

- lateral movement of the positioner (B1 axis)
- lateral movement of the mandrel (B2 axis)
- up-down movement of the head (A axis)
Bending capacities:
- round tube max. Φ65 mm
- square profile max. 50x50 mm

Three-roller asymmetrical bending machine for profiles and tubes COMAC 303 CN 3.1V: upper roller in fixed position, lower rollers movable with independent adjustment. 3-axis numerical control with variable profile feeding speed and 2 speeds of bending rollers allows to perform bending and coiling operations, guaranteeing flexibility of action as well as precision and uniformity of the obtained bending radii. The machine is equipped with an electronic profile detector for automatic alignment and rotation of the axis, regulated by a numerical panel.

Three driven rollers.
Hydraulically adjustable bending rollers to make bends at both ends of the profile.
Lateral corrective rollers with a range of motion in three planes.
Smooth regulation of the profile feeding speed.
Profile feeding using a rotary encoder driven by a measuring roller that maintains contact with the profile.
The position of the bending rollers is visualized on the electronic value displays.
Freestanding remote control station.

Technical data:
Shaft diameter: 50 mm
Standard roller diameter: 180 mm
Profile feed rate: 1 ÷ 7 m/min

PESMENPOL Spółka z o.o.
Technology Center - Production Facility No. 3
12 Drogowcow Str., PL 32-400 Myslenice, Poland

"Project co-financed by European Funds from the Smart Growth Operational Program 2014-2020, Measure 3.2 Support for the implementation of the results of R&D works, Sub-measure 3.2.2 Credit for technological innovation"