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For over thirty years, we have been proving that "good, because Polish" is not an empty sounding phrase, but the philosophy of the PESMENPOL brand, based on quality, loyalty and reliability. We do not simply create excellent sports equipment, but we are systematically building our company, supporting domestic enterprises.

We not only create great sports projects, but above all, we focus on creating jobs on the local market. These types of activities have a positive impact on building unique social ties not only within the company structure, but also at the local level. Effective implementation of the locality assumption supports the development of the region, and active participation in recognizing the needs of the local environment allows for effective integration of social and environmental goals with activities and competences in areas, where the company can commit itself in the long term, dedicating financial resources to support important social issues.

The proximity of the problem, its relevance to the local community determines the choice of the area of the company's involvement. Active participation in recognizing the problems of the local environment and skilful implementation of selected needs and expectations is our way of implementing the idea of corporate social responsibility. Thanks to social sensitivity, PESMENPOL has gained the title of local community support, transferring funds in the form of sponsorship funds and donations to support both institutions and social initiatives.

Commitment to the development of modern sports and recreational infrastructure in Poland, as well as the promotion of physical activity as a way to spend free time to achieve the goal of activation and community integration are ideas closely related to the area of the company's activity. We are proud to support initiatives promoting sport, and we are particularly close to those promoting the development of children's physical activity, which is why we devote resources to the implementation of many great actions and projects in this area, believing that this is how future sports stars are born.

In recognition of his contribution to the promotion of sport and its values, as well as his active support of educational institutions, aid organisations and social and sporting initiatives, Edward Niepsuj, founder and President of the Board of PESMENPOL, was awarded the Bronze Cross of Merit by the President of the Republic of Poland for his commitment to social and charitable activities.

The functioning of the company well seated in local structures, based on family patterns, respecting all of the values that guide it, is not only an honest business model - it is also our contribution to building our country and its position in the world.