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PESMENPOL Aktualności
PESMENPOL the main sponsor of the Orzeł Myslenice Sports Club
PESMENPOL is proud to carry out its mission of promoting sport and development of young talents through sponsorship support of LKS Orzeł Myślenice.
PESMENPOL again on the list of "Forbes Diamonds"
We are proud to share the great news that PESMENPOL has once again found itself in the prestigious group of "Forbes Diamonds" 2021 - among the winners of the annual ranking of the fastest growing Polish companies.
PESMENPOL among the partners of the LEGIA SOCCER SCHOOLS Foundation
End of the season? No way! A ball crosses the PESMENPOL goal line again and again... Neither the silver frost on the pitch, nor even the demanding and difficult year for all, is an obstacle for young adepts of football academies "Legia Soccer Schools" and the "Legia Warsaw Football Academy", who with energy and commitment improve their skills.
PESMENPOL produces sports equipment using solar energy
The implementation of a modern solution for the use of renewable sources, which is the use of clean, emission-free solar energy in the production of sports equipment, is another pro-ecological initiative of PESMENPOL, actively involved in the environmental improvement program.
Qualifying for the 10th International Sokolik Tournament 2021
2020 is not kind to us - despite the difficulties, it was possible to settle the qualifications for next year's edition of the International Sokolik Tournament, which PESMENPOL has been partnering with for years.
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