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Pracowita końcówka roku

Busy end of the year

2022-12- 2

Busy end of the year

December has begun, the holiday season is approaching, and with it a time to have some thoughts about the year that is coming to an end. And although PESMENPOL is working at full speed and everyone is still busy, we are slowly looking at the results of activities in the past year. And there was a lot going on: investments in technological development, fresh concepts, improvements, new products, and above all, a lot of implemented projects. Behind each of them - both small and the largest - is a staff of dedicated people for whom the positive reception of completed tasks is a real reason for satisfaction. It is therefore a great source of pride to hear many warm words, opinions and comments, which appeared in connection with the completion of probably the largest (and certainly the most demanding due to the scope and short time of implementation) project to equip the OSiR Bemowo Sports Hall with new tribunes. We are pleased with every warm word - we thank you for them and wish users many exciting sporting events, watched from the tribunes of our production!

We encourage you to view the gallery from the implementation:

And here are some comments about the project:

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