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Telescopic tribune with plastc seats
  • Telescopic tribune with plastc seats

Telescopic tribune with plastc seats

14-111 - 14-113-16

Telescopic tribunes with plastic seats without backrest, the last row equipped with seats with medium-high backrest; tribunes certified for compliance with PN-EN standards

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Telescopic tribune with plastic seats

Intended: for indoor use

Basic features of the system:
  • Modern and simple way of folding and unfolding, based on frictionless roller system; tribune can be folded and unfolded by only one person
  • Modern design and high aesthetic
  • Individual design - the ability to adapt to each facility
  • Safe polyurethane wheels do not leave traces on the floor
  • An increased number of wheels reduces the unit pressure of the tribune on the hall surface
  • The tribune colours can be freely configured
  • Safe platforms are made of anti-slip board
  • Additional middle steps
  • The steps finished with aluminum sheets
  • There is no need to disassemble handrails in order to fold the tribune

Material and technical specification:

Axial spacing of seats 450 - 600 mm
Type of seats Plastic seats without backrest NO11 (H=11 cm)
  Last row - seats with medium-high backrest SO25 (H=25 cm)
Level difference between platforms 320 mm
The height of the middle steps 160 mm
Steps finishing Anti-slip corrugated aluminum sheets
The width of the entrances >120 cm
Metal surfaces finishing Powder coating by the RAL palette
As a standard RAL 7035
Handrails colour As a standard orange RAL 2004
Material of the platform Brown anti-slip board 18 mm thick
Other finishing available on special request
Maximum loading According to the standard PN-EN 13200-5 "Spectator facilities. Telescopic stands"

The number of rows / Parameters
3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16
The depth of the tribune in open position [cm] 232 314 396 478 560 642 724 806 888 970 1052 1134 1216 1298
The depth of the tribune in closed position [cm] 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127 127
The height of the last platform [cm] 64 96 128 160 192 224 256 288 320 352 384 416 448 480
Average number of seats per 1 m* 5,3 7,0 8,7 10,4 12,1 13,7 15,4 17,1 18,8 20,5 22,2 23,8 25,5 27,2

* Average number of seats listed in the table may differ from the actual value in the finished project, due to local conditions, layout of seats, number of entrances, etc.

The movement of the tribune on the surface of the sports hall is performed by safe bearing wheels with cylindrical cross-section and linear contact with the surface, which eliminates the possibility of dents to the floor.
We use two types of wheels:
Polyamide-polyurethane wheels D=100 mm applied to the tribunes with a small number of rows.
Aluminum-polyurethane D=100 mm applied to the tribunes with a large number of rows.

The length of the tribunes and the entrances
The length of the unit:
300 cm;   350 cm;   400 cm;    450 cm;    500 cm;    550 cm;    600 cm;
In the case of individual projects, the length of modules is adapted to the conditions in the facility.

Transporting the tribunes
PESMENPOL tribunes can be adapted for transportation, e.g. for storage. In order to transport the tribunes, we provide a set of two six-wheeled system trolleys.
We manufacture three versions of the structure due to the mobility of the tribune:
1. Tribune without a moving system - designed for permanent installation in a specific place.
2. Foldable sliding tribune –has the ability to move in direction perpendicular to the wall (frontal plane of the tribune), which, for example, makes it easier to keep clean behind the stands.
3. Foldable moving tribune  – has the ability to move in direction perpendicular to the wall (frontal plane of the tribune) and - after lifting using system trolleys - possibility of transportation to any place.In order to transport the tribunes, we provide a set of two six-wheeled system trolleys.

Note: Foldable tribunes without a moving system can not be extended with sliding functions in the future. If there is a need in the future for the tribune to be mobile, we recommend ordering foldable sliding tribune, that can be extended with a moving system.

Additional safety handrails
Additional safety handrails (compliant with PN-EN 13200-3, figure A1), separating the stands from the arena, are recommended. The minimum height of the handrails, location - at a distance of min. 53 cm from the front of the row of fixed seats. These handrails are not included in the supplied tribune, they should be provided as technical equipment of the sports facility.

Wide range of color configurations
The colorus of the seats – standard: blue, red, yellow, green.
For large projects, other colours are also available, according to customer requirements.
The colours of the front panels – light gray as a standard.

In order to obtain full information, please contact the Technical and Trade Department.

14-111 - 14-113-16
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