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Edward Niepsuj odznaczony Brązowym Krzyżem Zasługi

Edward Niepsuj awarded the Bronze Cross of Merit

2023-12- 7

Edward Niepsuj awarded the Bronze Cross of Merit

By resolution of the President of the Republic of Poland of August 15, 2022, Edward Niepsuj, founder and CEO of PESMENPOL, was awarded the Bronze Cross of Merit for merits in social and charitable activities. The award is a recognition of his contribution to the promotion of sport and the values it carries, as well as active support for educational institutions, aid organizations, and social and sports initiatives.

The Bronze Cross of Merit was established in 1923 and is awarded to people who have contributed to the state or citizens by performing acts that go beyond the scope of their ordinary duties and bring significant benefit to the state or citizens, dedicated public activity, generous assistance and charitable activities.

The ceremony of awarding the Crosses of Merit took place on 1 December 2023 at the Malopolska Voivodeship Office in Krakow. The decoration was carried out by the First Deputy Governor of Malopolska Ryszard Pagacz.

The press service of the Malopolska Voivodship Office has published a report on the decoration ceremony of the awardees.

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